Team T Onsdag - ToGC25

Official event
Started 8 months ago
Lasts 3 hours
Team: Team Torgunn
Signups closed 8 months ago
Created by Rottnikken
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Team T Onsdag - ToGC25
Ny runde i ToGC25, detaljer om raid kommer i pings paa Discord naar raidet naermer seg.

Husk aa ha med consumes, inkludert speed/WM pots og bomber og granater for engineers!

Ses der!
Participants (22 / 31)


Tank (2)

1x Paladin 1x Warrior

Healer (5)

2x Druid 1x Paladin 1x Priest 1x Shaman

DPS (15)

1x Death Knight 1x Druid 3x Mage 2x Paladin 1x Priest 1x Rogue 2x Shaman 1x Warlock 3x Warrior
Ingen jobb ting \o/


DPS (3)

1x Mage 1x Shaman 1x Warrior
Bursdag feiring til (...)
Desverre forsatt i M (...)


Healer (1)

1x Paladin

DPS (5)

1x Druid 2x Hunter 1x Mage 1x Warlock
Er på et fly som lan (...)